Add-On Solutions

Add-On solutions

Every company operates in its own unique way, with its own particular priorities. How your business communicates and processes information can be optimized just to suit you. With ProStar Software, we give you the option to choose which functions - available in sets of three, five, and ten - are essential to you, and add them on to enhance the operational systems of your specific business. Our range of Add-On Solutions assists Sales, Purchasing, and Finance, with a growing library that includes:

Communication workflows - Alert sales when:

  • A discount on an orderline falls between a designated value: request an e-signature to accept it.
  • Sales order due date is modified.
  • Order value exceeds a certain amount.
  • A credit note is raised.


  • If a credit note is raised above a certain level then require approval.
  • Notifications when a variance has been created that will require analysis.
  • Proactively control entries that would create a variance, e.g. warning, signature to proceed, full stop.
  • Simplify AP voucher processing with a voucher approval workflow.

Automate enforcement

  • Finance policies, e.g. do not enter payment voucher until item has passed inspection.
  • Validate, e.g. during a transaction, assure entered general ledger account number is the appropriate selection for that type of transaction.

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