ProStar Software Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

(August 10, 2015 – Arcata, CA) ProStar Software (ProStar), an enterprise technology innovator focused on integrating the sales process with business systems, has appointed Brian Tawney to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Tawney, who brings 20 years of experience in engineering and product innovation, will help drive technology initiatives and new product development related to enterprise sales solutions leveraging mobile devices.

“Brian brings a strong track record of success in technology innovation that is invaluable to ProStar,” said Bruce LeBel, President and CEO of ProStar. “He is already driving us forward as we expand the way sales teams use mobile solutions to increase performance through integration with business platforms. His talents will help us further advance ProStar’s innovative solutions.”

Previously, Tawney was a senior software engineer at ProStar, playing a critical role in the development of the organization’s products. Prior to joining ProStar, he was a software engineer at CornerStar where he developed technology to help customers improve their business intelligence and business processes. Also previously, Tawney worked at Springbrook Software as a senior developer.

“In this new role I hope to advance, create and implement a technical framework for a variety of nimble solutions to unmet business needs,” said Tawney. “The mobile applications market continues to experience rapid growth, which provides incredible opportunities to strategically improve business processes for organizations, particularly through user access to disparate enterprise systems with one common interface.”

Tawney earned a master’s degree from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Portland State University.

About ProStar Software
ProStar Software (ProStar) is an enterprise integration company providing a customizable suite of applications to tailor business systems, enabling customers to simplify existing processes and maximize their efficiencies. Building on proven expertise serving global multinationals and deep understanding of technology environments across organizations of all sizes, ProStar also offers affordable, cutting-edge solutions for small and mid-sized companies that are underserved by the large enterprise software providers. Located in Northern California, ProStar has more than 20 years of industry experience helping customers reach their business goals.

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Mobile Enterprise Integration at fall QAD Midwest Users Group meeting

MWUGProStar Software is always glad to participate in Midwest Users Group meetings. MWUG is the largest QAD user group organization, and it brings together QAD users, partners like us, and QAD representatives. Bruce LeBel (CEO) and Jeff Leinwand (CTO) are exhibiting at this year's fall meeting going on now in Beachwood, OH.Mobile Enterprise Integration

This week the product we're highlighting is our integration platform, Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI). If your company also needs QAD customizations without changes to source code, MEI is now included as part of our QAD solution tool: TailorPro v8.1. If your company has need for mobile/remote access to your enterprise systems, MEI can get you there.

The MWUG special: make a demo request *any* of our products, get a chance to win an iPad mini!

IRIS 20th Networking Conference

A big thank you to all the organizers for the 20th annual IRIS Networking Conference. ProStar is here in Jakarta, Indonesia, presenting about TailorPro as well as MEI, and we're very glad to be participating in this year's dialogues and discussions.

Today our CEO Bruce LeBel is presenting "Enterprise Integration, the Key to Continuous Improvement." Bruce is sharing an explanation and discussion of Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI) from the Executive perspective. MEI is a systems integration platform that connects your business systems on any device, and which can be used on any browser. The point is to make your systems conform to your business needs, instead of forcing your business activities to fit the requirements of individual systems.

.cathi at iris

Last year, at the 19th IRIS Networking Conference, Cathi Peck introduced MEI, and we're excited to be back again this year with more!

Here at ProStar we're very pleased and appreciative for the opportunity to contribute this year's conference theme: 'Get Better at What Matters'. With this statement IRIS suggests that as the region develops and changes, politically as well as economically, it is of great importance to include business strategies that increase performance, quality, and efficiency. We agree wholeheartedly, and offer products that support these efforts of our colleagues.  Our partners have seen that TailorPro and MEI help them achieve positive growth now and in the future.

CCI & MEI in the Big Easy: Recap of QAD Explore Conf 2014

This year's QAD® Explore Conference was in New Orleans, and what a good choice of venue. Excellent diversity and connections, with users from all over the world along with QAD and QAD solution partners (like us!). Bruce, Jeff, and Jana were representing ProStar, and they reported back to HQ that the floor was hopping - fantastic to have all that interest in our software products - Credit Card Integration, TailorPro, Mobile Enterprise Integration.

It comes as no surprise that modern businesses running QAD are looking to increase their mobile capabilities.

MEIMany of our conversations focused around Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI), which is our integration platform and business process management tool. MEI makes it possible for you to run your business systems (i.e.®, .Net®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, Sharepoint®, QAD, Progress/OpenEdge®) on any device, and on any browser. Sound good for business? Find out more about MEI.

Last week in the Big Easy, we also talked to a lot of folks about TailorPro, our non-invasive customization tool for QAD. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of our products, now with version 8.1, you get MEI functionality *included*. For years, we've seen companies getting started with an investment in TailorPro, and getting the benefits "Easier than doing nothing". So, if your team has TailorPro already and would like to go mobile, has a customization need, are on an aging version of QAD, or are just curious how we can help you get better at what matters, we're here for you.

Our special focus was informing QAD users about ProStar's Credit Card Integration (CCI).

Bonus - we also had an energetic field of slot-car contestants for our 'Credit Car Racing'!
Bonus - quite an energetic field of slot-car contestants for our 'Credit Car Racing'!

Why? Simple - it's QAD's recommended solution for payment card processing for any company running QAD that needs to take credit card payments. Does your company take credit card payments, but you missed us or didn't make it to Explore this year? We'll be happy to give you a demo of our CCI solution in action.

We look forward to continuing all these conversations, and will be doing outreach this week to follow up. If there are any questions we can answer in the meantime just let us know!

Jana even met a local racer!
Jana even met a local racer!

Thanks so much to all the participants and organizers whose input and support made for a successful trade show.

5 Reasons CCI Matters to QAD OnDemand Users

(CCI) Credit Card Integration is an application developed to provide PCI-DSS compliant transaction capabilities to any QAD system. We're extremely proud of the functionality of this application, and love to demo it to any OnDemand user, any time!  Here are just a few of the reasons to start using CCI:

1) Protect your data: It seems obvious, but that does not mean it isn't valuable, and it is definitely worth doing. Protecting sensitive business and transaction data is one of the top concerns of companies worldwide. PCI-DSS is a design framework that when followed correctly, increases your security.

2) Comply with regulation: All users of QAD's OnDemand system, card lockedwho process credit card transactions, are legally bound to meet the requirements set out by PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). By using ProStar's CCI (Credit Card Integration) your company will meet the necessary requirements for their business operations, without having to learn all of the details of PCI-DSS.

3) Protect partner and/or customer data: Your suppliers, partners, and customers expect their data to be managed securely. By implementing CCI you can provide the security they deserve, and increase trust in your business relationships.


4) Have a clear audit trail: The data security standards are complex, and take time to learn and to get right. With CCI we can help you get it right from the first transaction onward!

5) For processing payment transactions, QAD's answer is simply, CCI: For all QAD OnDemand users, the parent company for your platform recognizes the value that CCI delivers, so much so there is no other payments transaction application that QAD suggests.