How do customers use credit cards for open invoices with CCI?

CCI includes both the single invoice payment and multi-invoice payment options. These are very helpful for the credit and collections department.

Here's an example. You may have a customer with past-due invoices who commits to paying for $10,000 in their next check run. The credit collections manager can then say, "Well, we know you have a company credit card so let's just take care of that $10,000 right now." Of course, the single invoice payment is self-explanatory. The multi-invoice payment allows for either:

1) Selection of a set of open invoices and payment for the total of that set, within the appropriate authorization amount or with a pre-authorized fixed amount.

2) With pre-authorization, you can select the invoices to be paid. If the total amount of their invoices is higher than the pre-authorization amount, the last invoice selected can be a partial payment.

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