5 Reasons CCI Matters to QAD OnDemand Users

(CCI) Credit Card Integration is an application developed to provide PCI-DSS compliant transaction capabilities to any QAD system. We're extremely proud of the functionality of this application, and love to demo it to any OnDemand user, any time!  Here are just a few of the reasons to start using CCI:

1) Protect your data: It seems obvious, but that does not mean it isn't valuable, and it is definitely worth doing. Protecting sensitive business and transaction data is one of the top concerns of companies worldwide. PCI-DSS is a design framework that when followed correctly, increases your security.

2) Comply with regulation: All users of QAD's OnDemand system, card lockedwho process credit card transactions, are legally bound to meet the requirements set out by PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). By using ProStar's CCI (Credit Card Integration) your company will meet the necessary requirements for their business operations, without having to learn all of the details of PCI-DSS.

3) Protect partner and/or customer data: Your suppliers, partners, and customers expect their data to be managed securely. By implementing CCI you can provide the security they deserve, and increase trust in your business relationships.


4) Have a clear audit trail: The data security standards are complex, and take time to learn and to get right. With CCI we can help you get it right from the first transaction onward!

5) For processing payment transactions, QAD's answer is simply, CCI: For all QAD OnDemand users, the parent company for your platform recognizes the value that CCI delivers, so much so there is no other payments transaction application that QAD suggests.

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