Licensed User Control & Information (LUCI) is a stand-alone module to effectively manage user logins and license compliance in a Progress environment, entirely through configuration.

License compliance is a complex, time consuming issue for most IT departments. In the best case, you invest the time and control licensing costs for the company. In the worst case, user and login management falls behind and there are expensive, surprise costs to regain compliance.

With the LUCI tool, compliance is possible with both concurrent users and named users.

If you’re managing users against a concurrent license count, you can:

  • Control the total logons allowed
  • Control the total ‘live user’ logons
  • Manage license counts including partial-tally sessions, e.g. bar code readers
  • Logoff idle sessions
  • Monitor user activity in databases
  • Keep a permanent, searchable record of user logons and logoffs
  • Control the number of concurrent logons

If you’re converting from concurrent licenses to named, it is critical to accurately purge long stale users so you aren’t forced to buy them licenses. Additionally you need to easily identify users logging into multiple databases and count them only once. The searchable records of user logons and logoffs, across multiple databases, regardless of UI used, allows you to both prepare for and manage named user licensing effectively.


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