Work with purpose:

ProStar Software exists under the philosophy of helping drive our customers forward with ease by efficiently integrating their business systems.

Here's a metaphor – think of all your business interactions and systems like a big city, you rarely have to travel all over the city, but you have a few normal spots you regularly travel to. You probably know or can figure out some way to get to a place outside your circle of expertise, but you don't automatically know how to optimize the best route. Our products and services are like having a subway, taxicab, gps or even a helicopter. We get you to your goal in the ways that best suit you, by providing technology and expertise that deliver.



We feel it is a privilege to be of service. Our perspective is long-term! Thus we work diligently to grow and strengthen lasting, mutually beneficial relations with partners, resellers, and customers. We look forward to meeting the new and changing needs of our installed base and our new customers.


Continuous improvement:

Your feedback is always welcome. We very much appreciate participation in our process of continuous improvement. If you have noticed something is not working as it should be, including the website, or you have any questions, please use the form below to describe the issue. Or simply feel free to contact us directly.



"...helped us design what we needed to do to make it work for us."

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