Brian Tawney – Senior Engineer

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Brian Tawney
Senior Engineer

Brian Tawney brings 20 years of experience in engineering and product innovation. He helps drive technology initiatives and new product development related to enterprise sales solutions leveraging mobile devices. He is responsible for the development and deployment of the company’s technology architecture and applications, delivered on-premise, online and as software-as-a-service.

He is expanding the way sales teams use mobile solutions to improve the user experience and overall customer satisfaction.  His technical leadership and deep expertise in multiple programming languages and databases increase performance through integration with disparate business applications.

Tawney plays a critical role in the development of the organization’s products. Prior to joining ProStar, he was a software engineer at CornerStar where he developed technology to help customers improve their business intelligence and business processes. Also previously, Tawney worked at Springbrook Software as a senior developer.


Tawney has been working with Progress since 1996 (v6) and C# since 2002 (v1.0). He has designed and maintained software for utility billing, inventory and fixed assets management, and shop floor planning.  With Option 1 he worked on RPG-II and Progress v6, IBM System 36, AIX, governmental accounting and payroll software.  With SpringBrook he worked on Progress v8, Windows, Utility billing and governmental accounting software.  With CornerStar he worked on Progress v9-10, C#, Linux and Windows, QAD and SAP-based data warehousing and business intelligence software. Then, as an Independent Consultant he has been working with OpenEdge v10, C#, QAD support and customization, various utilities and applications for pharmaceutical manufacturing. For the last few years, Brian has specialized in writing code that leverages the combined power of the .NET and OpenEdge environments.

Tawney volunteers with the Good Judgement Project where he is involved with political forecasting, an activity where people who are interested in the outcomes of political events pose questions and teams conduct research to forecast answers to those questions. He has broad interests in international politics and elections, as well as expertise and publications about Manchu literature and poetry.

Tawney earned a master’s degree from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Portland State University.





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