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Bruce LeBel
President & CEO


Bruce LeBel is an entrepreneur, visionary, technologist, inventor, philanthropist, artist and the president and chief executive officer of ProStar Software.

LeBel’s diverse interests have deeply influenced in his work. He studied under renowned architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, who was his mentor and is most widely known for inventing the geodesic dome. The application of this knowledge has deeply influenced LeBel’s professional career and personal interests. His application of Fuller’s practice of “Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science,” which focuses on the process of how to go about solving underlying problems, is manifested in his approach to developing business solutions.

Bruce started with ProStar in 2002 as the vice president of sales and marketing, He became CEO in 2006, and is now leading its growth and evolution in the enterprise integration market with applications that allow organizations to tailor their business systems to existing processes. He is an industry visionary with a passion for strategically developing new technologies and bringing them to markets where they are needed. Currently, LeBel is introducing a new paradigm with his solutions for how sales teams use mobile devices, changing the way people access business systems and how they integrate and communicate with each other. He provides strategic leadership related to organizational and technical oversight, market development and product vision, and he demonstrates an intense focus on the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

LeBel has played a critical role in the progressive evolution of ProStar’s overall business: expansion of its customer base, geographical regions served and business partnerships, continuous visioning of product enhancements, and new product development. He demonstrates an intense focus on the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

LeBel has over thirty years of hands-on management, executive and consulting experience in manufacturing and distribution companies, delivering return on investment and enabling growth. He has led divisions responsible for operations, production, quality, logistics and information systems, and he has served a range of clients in the medical, automotive, electronics and consumer products verticals, providing business systems integration and management consulting. Prior to ProStar, he was director of operations and IT for Yakima Products where he was responsible for leading IT, operations and distribution.

LeBel continues to devote significant effort toward his philanthropic interests. Most notably, he serves as executive director of World Shelters, a non-profit organization that designs, produces and delivers structures, leveraging the geodesic dome model, for both emergency response and long-term humanitarian needs. He has created over 1,000 shelters based on this design serving approximately 5,000 people, including the homeless and those in need of disaster relief both domestically and abroad. An arts enthusiast, he is one of the founders and incorporators of the Fire Arts Center in Arcata, Calif.. He has also served on the Board of Directors of Arcata Community Recycling Center and is one of the founders and incorporators of Fire and Light, an organization that recycles glass into fine dining ware.

LeBel earned a Master of Arts in Design Science from Campus-Free College and a Bachelor of Arts in the dual major of Education and Art from Antioch College.




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