Jerry Hallee – Sr. Engineer

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Jerry Hallee
Senior Engineer

A good bit about Jerry


Can you describe a lesson or insight that informs your personal philosophy?

“The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking”



When you’re heading into a long trip, what’s the thing you don’t leave home without?

“My shaver”



What’s your favorite thing to do on a saturday afternoon?

“Take a nap”


Jerry appreciates the contemporary virtual office; being able to work from anywhere supports his flow as an programmer. He finds TailorPro a powerful tool because there is a way to do almost anything a customer asks for with much less risk of unanticipated consequences than modifying the original source code.



Jerry began working with Progress and QAD™ simultaneously in 1993 during training with John Campbell. He has been QAD certified in manufacturing, distribution, and financials since 1998. He has extensive experience in international implementations, managing multi-language, multi-currency environments with substantial customization and integration. Jerry has twenty-five years experience with electronics and medical device manufacturing companies and their particular needs.


His skills include MFG/PRO implementations, customizations, and bolt-ons such as credit card integration, QAD application expertise and Progress programming.




"Our ROI was less than 1 month!"

Argon Medical