Monica Borrell – CTO

Photo of Monica Borrell
Monica Borrell

In the office:
We are very fortunate to have Monica at the helm of our technical team. She has a long history helping companies in the Manufacturing, Health Care and Energy industries become more efficient and profitable. She has served as CEO for two companies: one providing Business Intelligence Software and another implementing ERP solutions to manufacturing and distribution companies in a wide variety of industries.

Monica has a varied set of skills developed over the course of her career building businesses and consulting to companies in a variety of industries. These include: software product management, sales & marketing, team development, Business Intelligence — especially developing a strategic system of integrated metrics that support profit enhancing behaviors. She is particularly skilled at understanding business requirements and addressing them with technical solutions.

Her goal for serving customers is to be a match-maker between the many important business information problems that exist today, and the powerful technical solutions provided by ProStar.

And out of the office:
Monica appreciates the beauty of nature and benefits of living in Portland, OR, such as hiking in the Columbia Gorge. As befits the CTO of a software company, however, she loves her devices and she won’t travel without her mac book air or her cell phone. Her personal philosophy is keep calm and always be learning. The secret to being happy in life is being comfortable with accepting that two seemingly conflicting ideas can both be true.


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"It has been very well received. Users can’t wait to incorporate more and more of such business rules and policies within the ERP application."

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