Rachael Doyle – Sales Manager

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Rachael Doyle
Sales Manager

Rachael Doyle is Sales Manager for ProStar Software. Through her career in media as an Account Executive and National Sales Manager, along with being the Co-founder, Co-owner and “Chief Wine Drinker” of San Clemente Wine Company, she has had many years of experience as a business software end user. Rachael understands how important it is to have the right software, platforms, and tools in order to take the guesswork out of the day-to-day operations for a business.

Rachael has also guided businesses to profitability by creating and implementing marketing and branding campaigns, relationship building, revenue growth, profit maximization, market analysis, forecasting, budgeting, client management, event coordination, and operations leadership. With her experience as a business owner, she understands the complexity of all the elements needed in order to make a company successful from the ground up.

One of her attributes is being passionate about helping businesses succeed by listening to pain points, finding solutions, and helping to implement them in order to contribute to their success. She is never satisfied until the client is happy and sees results. Rachael has a degree in Marketing from Louisiana State University with minors in Sociology and Merchandising.  In Orange County, Rachael and her husband founded San Clemente Wine Company, a tasting room that welcomed winemakers from all over the world to showcase their wines directly to customers. Over seven years, San Clemente Wine Company became a Friday night destination as the customers were able to have special access to talk and mingle with the winemaker.

One of the rewards of owning a wine shop was traveling to the wineries, meeting with the winemakers, and learning about their businesses. She learned that their success comes from many years of hard work, persistence, and dedication. She saw how they overcame challenges like cultivating the land to prepare for a vineyard, planting, harvesting, crush, fermentation, and pump over, as well as variable elements that also affect production and a good wine like weather, equipment, and staff.

During her time off, Rachael loves to hang out with her husband and their two dogs, Lacey an 11-year-old lab and her puppy Shelby, a rambunctious Louisiana Catahoula. To Rachael one of life’s simplest pleasures is being with family or friends enjoying a great meal while sharing a good bottle of wine. “In Vino Veritas”!



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