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Credit Card Integration (CCI)

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“Improves the security of our customers’ credit card information. Reduces steps to process a credit card order from 5 to 1. Reduces the time needed for an authorization from 30 minutes to 10 seconds.”

March 24, 2014

QAD® recommends CCI as the solution for A/R card processing.

 Securely accept credit cards for customer payments integrated with the QAD applications.

Savings proved in 60 days or you don't pay for the license.

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Achieve key improvements:

  • Simplify your operations and internal workload of manual credit card processing.
  • Increase revenue. For many QAD customers, sales that require a credit card transaction are more expensive and take too much time to manage. Revenue from credit card sales is less expensive and time consuming than traditional PO based sales, not more, with Credit Card Integration.
  • Lower fees levied by the credit card processor.
  • Strengthen security for sensitive credit card data.
  • Integrate credit card processing directly into the QAD sales order flow.
  • Reduce work for your technical teams. Now you can process credit card orders securely and efficiently for every version of QAD and all UIs, including use by customers in the On Demand environment.
  • Exceed your customer’s expectations and improve your cash management with better timing of credit processing – taking moments instead of days.

What do you get? Facts about CCI

CCI processes credit card orders for any version of QAD on Progress v8 and better, with no changes to source code or the production database. It provides all the functionality, data elements, business logic and screen adaptations for the complete credit card cycle. Easy and reliable processing from authorization through settlement.

Encrypted credit card data retained in the customer data or purged at the customer’s request. Multiple credit cards stored per customer.

An automatic buffer in the amount authorized to allow for freight, taxes and other miscellaneous expenses.

Receipt of the on-line authorization number or reason for decline during Sales Order entry.

  • Integration with credit card hold data and logic.
  • A screen for manual entry of the credit card authorization number.
  • Logic to synchronize order variations with the processing provider.
  • Automatic online settlement, upon invoicing, for the actual invoice amount, including any adjustments and surcharges.
  • Reports for tracking authorizations and settlement activity.

CCI buried aliveDon't waste any more time, just get paid!

Save time, reduce service fees, meet customers' needs, comply with PCI/DSS, and simplify operations.

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"It has been very well received. Users can’t wait to incorporate more and more of such business rules and policies within the ERP application."

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