Licensed User Control & Information (LUCI)

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"Before implementing the Logon/Logoff Tool our company had about a half dozen unplanned shutdowns due to the BI-File growth. Since implementing this tool we have not experienced one unplanned shutdown. Implementation of this tool is very quick and simple with minimal training required."

March 26, 2014

Is better licensing compliance possible?

Yes! LUCI is an application for QAD® environments that manages user logins and license compliance simply and effectively, handled entirely through configuration.  It provides searchable records of user logons and logoffs, across multiple databases. Regardless of your UI, it allows you to both prepare for and manage named user licensing efficiently.

LUCI pageCommon compliance challenges:

  • Login management falls behind.
  • High and unexpected costs to regain compliance.
  • Complexity with multiple UIs, database connections, types of licensing.
  • Stale users not purged means you have to pay for them.
  • Time consuming internal workarounds and solutions.

LUCI solves all these problems.  Ask for a quote today.

Works for both concurrent users & named users

Use LUCI to:

  • Control the total logons allowed.
  • Control the total ‘live user’ logons.
  • Manage license counts including partial-tally sessions, e.g. bar code readers.
  • Control the number of concurrent logons allowed to individual users or classes of users.
  • Logoff idle sessions, regardless of the screen, with unique parameters for individual users or groups.
  • Monitor user activity in one or more QAD databases.
  • Keep a permanent, searchable record of user logons and logoffs.
  • Easily identify users logging into multiple databases and count them only once.
  • Works for all UIs.


Get better at what matters, today

Don't wait to get your company's licensing into shape. Talk to us about how LUCI can handle your licensing compliance and help you prepare for those costly license audits.



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