Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI)

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"Our team needed to work from anywhere and with MEI we can work on any mobile and on our own business system!"

March 20, 2014


MEI is an integration platform that harmonizes your business systems and participants in a tracked and coordinated manner. Interact with all of your systems on any mobile device and any browser.


Example: Quote to Close Workflow

Integrating your ERP application (e.g. QAD) and your CMS (e.g. for successful coordination of all the players and tasks required.

Do you use applications or platforms, including:®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, MySQL Sharepoint®, QAD®, Progress/OpenEdge®, .NET® and others.

MEI, using our Intelligent Connectors, integrates business applications that run on various platforms.
ProStar is also able to provide customized integrations for your specific needs and additional systems. If you are looking for integration of a business system that isn't listed here, ask us for more info at mei @ or call 1-800-470-7581.
MEI 01How much time and money do you want to save?

Reduce your business operations costs - Synchronize your business applications and data with mobile, cloud, and desktop access. Business operations are not free, so investments that reduce operations costs yield profit increases.

How will you save with MEI? Your essential processes are completed more quickly, your business policies and procedures are enforced, you get metrics for analysis and identification of further improvement opportunities.

  • Integration Platform zips together your systems.
  • Workflow connects all participants in your business processes including customers, suppliers, executives, engineers; includes all functionality defined by the BPMN v2.0 standard.
  • Awareness of activities in real time and to determine relevance and next steps.
  • User interface for any mobile device or browser.
  • Analysis of event data for effective process improvement and resource allocation strategies.



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How to increase productivity: Automate coordination.

MEI is made so your business processes, teams, and systems all really work together.

Staff, managers and executives, even customers and suppliers, all participate in complex business processes involving multiple people and often including many systems.  All these parts can now be automatically coordinated, in real time, with MEI. The workflows in process can be tracked and their timely completion assured. Additionally, completed workflows provide historical data as a new and rich resource in support of your continuous improvement initiatives.



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