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  • Manage the entire wine production process from harvest to bottle
  • Improve global supply chain visibility
  • Meet changing consumer demands
  • Manage promotions to optimize profits
  • Achieve compliance with regulations and product traceability requirements

The Winery Solution from ProStar Software offers a complete solution to help meet the challenges of running a profitable winery in this highly competitive industry. Effectively managing seasonality, promotions, distribution channels and brokers is essential to success. Our comprehensive software has been developed to help wineries, whether large or boutique, synchronize critical processes on both the production and distribution ends while maintaining compliance and documentation requirements. 

Helping your winery create and provide an exceptional product is our goal. ProStar knows and value the key role wineries play in our community and culture. With that in mind, we’ve developed specific capabilities to streamline your winery’s business processes. These include grape traceability, demand planning, supply chain execution, quality management, global financials, and end-product traceability. The Winery Solution provides wineries control of manufacturing processes while meeting industry compliance requirements, controlling risk, and continuously improving operations that align with business strategy.

With The Winery Solution's enterprise resource planning software, your winery can better manage manufacturing cycles through simplified scheduling, improved supplier management, and efficient management through every stage of the vinting process. Increase inventory turns by using sophisticated forecasting methods and detecting projected demand changes ahead of the curve. Improve promotion and distribution management through advanced trade activity management and transportation streamlining capabilities. 

Click here to watch how this respected Australian winery is achieving greatness with QAD!

How could your wine, your winery, and your bottom line benefit from enterprise resource planning with The Winery Solution? Contact ProStar Software today to get started.


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