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"From just two applications of TailorPro, our projected one year total cost avoidance is over $63,000."

March 24, 2014

Do Your Business Systems Really Meet Your Business Needs?

Our customers say “Yes!” They use TailorPro® to achieve the new and changing functionality in their systems that their business requires. The benefits of TailoPro are significant and long-term: cost savings, improved internal control and added value as your own systems better serve your business needs.


TailorPro Makes Your System More Effective

Adaptation possibilities are unlimited. Use the tools to insert or capture critical information in a process. Validate the sales order details based on unique business rules. Generate a warning or error when an inventory transfer violates an internal policy. Display training information the first three times a user executes a transaction. Our development tools have been used worldwide with resounding success for adapting QAD® and other Progress Software® (Progress) applications to meet customers’ unique business needs.


Get Integration Insight

TailorPro has proven versatility for resolving business needs. We love the challenge of new ways to apply it to new systems. Let us show you how easy it can be to integrate your unique business requirements into the natural flow of your business systems. Request a demo to find out how TailorPro can meet your business needs.


Progress Users: As there are many varied Progress applications, we suggest that interested Progress users simply Request a demo

QAD users: Read more here about the value of achieving a better fit between your business system and your enterprise requirements, with TailorPro.

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"Implementation was good with detailed documentation and enough heads-up to prepare anything we needed."

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