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"Rapid payback on investment in TailorPro with initial application. Further upgrades will not require changes to the TailorPro solutions."

March 24, 2014

Do you want to maximize your IT budget?

Of course you do. And we know it – any investment has to be justified in terms of what it delivers for the cost. Most software ROI (return on investment) is calculated in the 1½ to 3 year time frame. Our customers typically measure their ROI for TailorPro® in weeks to single digit months.

The initial costs for TailorPro are low, the development times are rapid, and delivery is straightforward. Learn what we can do for you

TailorPro- Benefits page

Business benefits of TailorPro:

  • Get your unique business needs met.
  • Define your solutions away from, “What can IT do?”, into,  “What makes business sense to do?”
  • Increase revenue with the adaptations themselves
  • Save time and eliminate confusion with simplified business processes.
  • Improve compliance with enforced procedures throughout your organization.
  • Get easier management with standardized and validated data entry in the ways your company requires.
  • Improve customer interactions by making additional data available during transactions.

ROI is extremely efficient, most of our customers break even in 1-6 months. Get going right away with TailorPro today. Get a Demo

IT benefits of TailorPro:

  • Developers often deliver TailorPro adaptations in less than 25% of the time required by traditional customization methods. That’s what our customers tell us!
  • Simplified compliance with IT audit requirements; adaptations are self-documenting and context sensitive.
  • Easy patching and upgrading to new versions of QAD® and other Progress applications, because TailorPro doesn't require the discovery and re-implementation of complex or embedded customizations.
  • Save time with upgrades of applications like QAD, when done with TailorPro they take a fraction of the effort of upgrades done by means other than TailorPro.
  • Adaptations can be easily turned on and off, simplifying troubleshooting and vendor support. In our thirteen years of providing TailorPro, we have never had a failure of a TailorPro adaptation after testing and release to production.


Savings are at your doorstep

The best benefit by far is that rather than struggle just to maintain customizations that are already deployed, all this frees up IT resources . With these additional resources, IT can better serve users and better meet your organization’s objectives.  Find out today how your organization can profit from TailoPro. Get a demo



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