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“The solution was simple and elegant. Our ROI was less than 1 month. We used fields inside QAD for the registrations of the items with the countries and labels. Then ProStar helped us write the program for the allocation with the business logic necessary to send the right product to the right country.”

March 24, 2014

Is your QAD® as effective as possible?

The majority of TailorPro® customers use our tools in a QAD environment, successfully using standard “vanilla” QAD applications to adapt to their business’s unique and changing requirements. Every QAD customer can benefit from the solutions to this technology: See what our customers have to say.


TailorPro works seamlessly with all of the QAD versions and user interfaces, including SE and EE, from ChUI and GUI to Desktop and .Net UI.


You make the rules

TailorPro’s context sensitive implementation allows various behaviors to be turned on or off based on your specific needs. These adaptations include support for the user’s language requirements. Any language supported by Progress can be used within TailorPro.

Common TailorPro adaptations that leverage standard QAD more effectively:

  • Change surcharges at time of shipment
  • Integration of data from external systems to new processes
  • Controls to implement business policies and procedures
  • Insert or capture critical information in a process
  • Validate sales order details based on unique business rules
  • Generate a warning or error when an inventory transfer violates an internal policy
  • Display training information the first time a user executes a transaction


QAD support & upgrades

TailorPro’s non-Invasive Customizations do not hinder the application of patches, service packs and upgrades. They reside entirely outside the QAD source code and database schema, and they can be easily and individually turned on and off while the upgrade is tested.

Our customers experience:

  • More clarity and speed with support interactions
  • Less anxiety and  concern that a customization is at the root of a system problem
  • The freedom of no longer being stranded on aging versions

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Get better at what matters®

Join the TailorPro customers who are already adapting their standard QAD implementation to meet their business requirements and users’ needs. Click here to get your customized TailorPro demo.



"A better fit between business needs and the business system."

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