How do our products benefit our customers?

Testimonials in their own words:

Hawk Precision

Paul Moser describes functionality: “TailorPro provides us with the ability to inject our business’s own requirements between the user and the source code.”

Paul's Conclusions:

  • Hawk needed a better fit between business needs and the business system.
  • TailorPro provides the engine to enable the required systems with no changes to source code or the production database.
  • Rapid payback on investment in TailorPro with initial application of Surcharges process.
  • TailorPro is supporting Hawk’s needs for SOX compliance with the Audit & Security bolt on.
  • Further upgrades will not require changes to the TailorPro solutions.

Financial Analysis of Benefits in Yearly Savings or Value:

Time savings from Hot Key browses $ 12 K
Improved order fulfillment analysis $ 50 K
Surcharge collections & labor savings $ 250 K
Keeping CEO/CFO out of Sarbanes-Oxley Jail Priceless


Atlantis Plastics

Cafer Barutcuzade explains two applications of TailorPro.

1) Cafer's Business Problem: Each Customer Service Representative has to take the unit of measure from the customer order and manually convert it to our manufacturing unit. This process has caused many errors and customer returns because it is dependent on several factors.

Cafer's Solution: We used TailorPro to show a selection list of UM conversions within Sales Order Maintenance. One year cost avoidance is > $38K.

2) Cafer's Business Need: Different sites have different offset days for Sales Order order date vs. due date.

Cafer's Solution: In eB2 the due date defaults to order date. We put in a TailorPro solution to add a context sensitive number of offset days by site to the order date to come up with a due date. The annual labor saved is 1256 hours at $20 per hour or a savings > $25K.


Superior Essex

Explain the benefits they receive from Credit Card Integration:

  • Reduces steps to process a credit card order from 5 to 1.
  • Provides additional payment options for our customers.
  • Reduces accounts receivable balances.
  • Reduces the time needed for an authorization from 30 minutes to 10 seconds.
  • Improves the security of our customers’ credit card information.


"ProStar is committed to support and has worked with us any time there has been an issue."

Argon Medical