TrackStar Sales

Simple & Real-time: 

TrackStar Sales connects your sales teams and the sales process with enterprise business systems and CRM. This data unification tool connects sales teams to supply chain through one simple interface.

TrackStar is a mobile app, available on any browser; it’s real time; and it can be customized specifically for your business. TrackStar is not a lead acquisition, tracking or scoring application. By linking sales to supply chain it elevates sales team performance and productivity. TrackStar enhances customer service and satisfaction from the time a price is quoted until the product is delivered.

TrackStar Sales screenshot

Simplify - Integrate internal and external business systems

No Tab Hassle - Instead of 11 tabs to flip through, just 1

Improved sales activities - Take your CRM and ERP mobile with any device

Save time - Just one entry goes into multiple systems.

Real-time - Current data into and out of Salesforce and your business systems

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"It has been very well received. Users can’t wait to incorporate more and more of such business rules and policies within the ERP application."

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