Achieve Continuous Improvement with Mobile Enterprise Integration

All businesses build their own base of knowledge, pass down their policies and document them in some form. Policies are documented in a network folder and then typically in a three-ring binder on a shelf in each office, and that’s where they stay, gathering dust. Employees are expected to remember what is written in those business policies and procedures and they’re supposed to do each one perfectly, from memory, every time.

With Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI), the expectations required by business policies are built into the logical, natural flow of the system. This way policies are automatically enforced - for example, never paying a supplier until after the received material successfully passes incoming quality control.  Now with MEI on mobile or browser you can automatically enforce your business policies and have simple coordination of your business procedures.

Automated Coordination

A business procedure, such as adding a new customer, involves multiple different departments and individuals in the process. There are some actions that have prerequisites, and there are some that can happen in parallel. Right now all those procedures are coordinated on an ad hoc basis through emails, a messaging system such as Slack, or in meetings. Staff spend so much time in meetings because the only way all these complex activities are coordinated is by everyone in the same room reviewing all the new cases about, for example, making a product change. Almost every company that includes a manufacturing process will have at least weekly engineering change meetings.

There’s no need for those meetings when you can automatically coordinate those complex business activities, including attachments of notes and documents that are needed for adequate communication. The last person in the sequence on an engineering change management process doesn’t need to be involved in all of the preceding meetings. They only need to be involved when it’s their turn to evaluate the documentation, ask any questions via their communication medium, and then make their decision to approve or raise an issue for resolution. In this way it becomes a much more efficient, effective, well-documented, and well-coordinated manner of managing each one individual instance of a complex business activity.

“Business event data” for visibility and control of critical business functions

Each entry of a new customer is its own unique instance of the workflow. By using Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI) with this complex activity involving different departments and individuals, not only will it be managed better, be more efficient, and more timely, but in the process we also create an entirely new category of data that is informative about company operations: business event data.

Businesses already collect plenty of data about the dollars and cents of transactions and around the inventory units of transactions, but until now they have not had access to business process events. MEI generates a treasure trove of data about the way the business is actually operating. This enables analysis of business process history, e.g. rolling three months performance of the New Customer Workflow.  If the target is for this to take no more than three days, but 20% of these New Customer Workflows took two weeks - what’s going on there? And now we get into root cause analysis and a continuous improvement process.  With MEI this new dimension of event data informs management in new ways about what’s going on. What do we need to do to improve our business and to better serve our customers?  The value of MEI is not simply in making complex activities more efficient and timely, but Mobile Enterprise Integration also gives the company a new resource of valuable data that hasn’t existed before. With this added analysis of essential processes, the business now has a new resource for continuous improvement.

Cross-Platform Integration

Mobile Enterprise Integration is not just focused on policy enforcement and complex activity management for one single application. MEI uses Intelligent Connectors to integrate with other platforms and applications in real time.  For example, there may be an engineer working in a specialized application on a platform that’s completely separate from the primary business application. The Intelligent Connectors can have direct integration with that discrete application, regardless of the platform it’s on. When that engineer changes the status of a particular part, we are aware of that event and any relevant information can be automatically passed into our MEI engine.

Putting the “Mobile” into Enterprise Integration

In addition to MEI’s automated coordination of essential activities and integration across platforms, MEI provides system access and interaction from any mobile device or browser.  A Credit Manager who is a participant in a Credit Review Workflow can perform the requisite analysis and provide a timely decision from anywhere.  A Sales Rep can have a true role-based user experience providing secure interaction with all the relevant applications from one common HTML5 UI, with single sign-on and all logic automatically applied.  For example - if a new Quote is greater than $1,000 then create that new Opportunity in the CRM application – done automatically by MEI in serial with entering the new Quote in the core system after the Sales Rep presses submit on their tablet, PC or other device.  


In the current forward-facing business environment, essential activities need to include customers, suppliers, executives, engineers and others who may not be users of a company's core system.  Mobile Enterprise Integration enables all participants in business activities to get the subset of data they need, and transactional interactions as appropriate, with trusted connections into the secure network and with both license legitimacy and menu security enforced.

Digital Transformation specialists at leading analyst firms have stated following demos and discussions that ProStar Software’s Mobile Enterprise Integration is unique in the market in its ability to fully integrate multiple business applications and platforms, with business logic applied, workflow controls and appropriate security, into one common role-based HTML5 user experience.  MEI is the future of business.

Whether it’s through increasing visibility and coordination of your business’s complex high-value activities or improving team productivity from wherever they are, MEI provides new capabilities through our integrated suite of applications that enable better ways for your business to function.  Contact today to find how you can take your business into new dimensions of capabilities and controls through continuous improvement, increasing system effectiveness and mobile/browser interaction by all participants that are all available through Mobile Enterprise Integration from ProStar Software.

Your IT System Should Be A Castle

Build a better fit between your business systems and your business needs.

Let’s imagine our core commercial business application as a fort, a robust but blocky structure designed to provide generic benefits to many different types of businesses.   Now think of the ways that your business is anything but generic, and is, in fact, unique.  The attributes of your business are comparable to the complex architectural elements of a castle: Towers, turrets, crenelations, keeps and grand halls combine to create a complex structure with functions that support the unique needs of both the residents and the broader community.  How do you make the blocky fort of the core business system into the architecturally diverse castle that includes your business’s unique attributes?

A guiding principle for CIOs, and for the executive team and organization that they serve, is that the IT system needs to support the business’s requirements in every way possible. The most effective systems accurately manifest the business itself.  Optimal systems look, behave and evolve as a comprehensive virtual representation of the dynamic business, and are progressively easier to use.  

Business requirements that may not be met by the current business system include both must-have functionalities and high ROI functions with strategic advantages or operational benefits that avoid the eroding of profits through unnecessary inefficiencies.  In today’s business environment, even customers and suppliers have the expectation of access to relevant information and secure interaction.

TailorPro from ProStar Software can remodel the architecture of your business applications environment, e.g. QAD (™) and your other systems, from a generic fort to your business castle, without customizing source code or schema of those applications. TailorPro does this by:

  • Integrating new logic, data and functionality into the natural flow of those applications
  • Adapting behaviors, rules, and user experience
  • Establishing intelligent connections between other platforms and applications that your business uses
  • Automatically coordinating all participants in key processes
  • Automatically enforcing business policies
  • Enabling interaction with systems from any mobile device or browser

What essential functionality does your business not currently get from your business system?  Would the business executives and owners prefer that you integrate those high-value capabilities to meet unique business needs into your established IT system, with no customization and with rapid ROI?   Yes!

Because the IT system with its disparate applications, platforms, and networking is effectively a virtual representation of the business, there is measurable improvement in business metrics each time the CIO’s team makes the IT system look and behave more like the business itself.  Today, with no customization to source code or schema, you can add the enhanced architectural elements of your unique business “castle” to the generic structure of the commercial business applications “fort”.  Enable your business system to function the way the business functions; not only for simplicity and ease of use but to have all the current (and future!) functionality that is needed for your business operations and by your teams, your customers and your suppliers.  Your IT system should be, and can be, a castle, including all of your business’s bona fide requirements integrated with the fort-like core business application.

Envision the ways your IT system’s virtual representation of your business can be made more comprehensive and accurate,  Start planning your remodeling from the generic fort to your beautiful business castle by contacting ProStar Software at This first step can lead to lasting positive effects for your organization, from operational benefits to strategic advantages, and there is no charge for the initial consultation. Our TailorPro architects are ready to help you begin your needs assessment and solutions design today!

ProStar Software Joins Progress Technology Alliance Partner Program

(September 22, 2015 – Arcata, CA) ProStar Software (ProStar), an enterprise technology innovator focused on integrating the sales process with business systems, today announced its acceptance into the Progress Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. ProStar’s products and solutions increase efficiency and competitiveness for companies running Progress OpenEdge, the leading platform for simplifying and streamlining the development, integration and management of global enterprise business applications for faster time-to-market.

ProStar joins an elite group of technology vendors that provide best-in-class products integrated with Progress technologies. The TAP Program is restricted in size and scope to partners that exhibit thought leadership and bring value to the Progress community.

The partnership is focused on combining the power of Progress OpenEdge with ProStar’s TailorPro and Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI) solutions. TailorPro enables greater customer productivity with non-invasive customizing for business applications running on Progress OpenEdge to achieve a better fit between business requirements and business systems. This adds both competitive advantage for companies selling Progress OpenEdge applications and value for customers using those applications. Demonstrating an ease of integration with Progress solutions, TailorPro is able to add new and revised functionality without any changes to source code or schema of the underlying Progress application, allowing application providers to easily meet prospects’ requirements. MEI is a data unification platform for multiple business systems to interact together on one common user interface.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Progress TAP Program,” said Bruce LeBel, CEO of ProStar Software. “ProStar focuses on adding value for customers through leading edge solutions that deliver exceptional and tangible value to our customers and enhance their teams’ performance. Our partnership with Progress is focused on a shared goal of customer success through how our technologies efficiently and seamlessly work together.”

To join the TAP Program at the Technology Partnership level, ProStar underwent a rigorous application process and certification. The end result is that customers will realize the benefits of a robust and proven solution to meet their unique business requirements, including data unification and mobile deployment of enterprise functionality.

“ProStar has been a long-standing partner of Progress, so we are pleased to recognize them as part of the TAP Program,” said Kimberly King, Vice President, Channels, Progress. “They are a proven, trusted partner and we look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with many more successes in the years to come.”

The Progress Partner+ Program is a multi-tiered model designed for independent software vendors, system integrators, service providers, OEMs, distributors and resellers. The program is designed to support members’ evolving application development, consulting, services and OEM offerings.

About ProStar Software
ProStar Software (ProStar) is an enterprise integration company providing a customizable suite of applications to tailor business systems, enabling customers to simplify existing processes and maximize their efficiencies. Building on proven expertise serving global corporations and deep understanding of technology environments across organizations of all sizes, ProStar also offers affordable, cutting-edge solutions for small and mid-sized companies that are underserved by the market. Located in Northern California, ProStar has more than 20 years of industry experience helping customers reach their business goals.

 About Progress
Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company that simplifies the development, deployment and management of business applications on-premise or in the cloud, on any platform or device, to any data source, with enhanced performance, minimal IT complexity and low total cost of ownership. Progress can be reached at or 1-781-280-4000.

For media inquiries contact:
Jamie Kelly
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ProStar Software CEO to Speak on Benefits of Integrating Business Applications at IRIS Networking Conference in Indonesia

WHAT: ProStar Software President and CEO Bruce LeBel to present   ‘Mobile Enterprise Integration: Enabling Stakeholders to Interact with Your Business and Your Business Systems’ at the 21st annual IRIS Networking conference.

WHEN: September 22, 2015, at 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: Holiday Inn, Jakarta Kemayoran, Jalan Griya Utama Blok B No.1, Tanjung Priok, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14350, Indonesia

INFORMATION:    ProStar President and CEO Bruce LeBel returns to the annual conference of Indonesia-based IT services and solution provider IRIS Sistems Inforindo for the 6th year to present on mobile enterprise integration and its benefits. As expectations for on-line interaction with the enterprise are increasing globally, his presentation on mobile enterprise integration will examine the valid needs of customers, suppliers, executives and engineers to engage with business system data, transactions and procedures.

As a business partner with IRIS, ProStar brings proven industry expertise on mobile enterprise integration and provides solutions to easily integrate businesses applications across all silos for stronger interaction, automation and coordination. ProStar has participated in the annual IRIS conference for 6 years.

About ProStar Software
ProStar Software (ProStar) is an enterprise integration company providing a customizable suite of applications to tailor business systems, enabling customers to simplify existing processes and maximize their efficiencies. Building on proven expertise serving global multinationals and deep understanding of technology environments across organizations of all sizes, ProStar also offers affordable, cutting-edge solutions for small and mid-sized companies that are underserved by the large enterprise software providers. Located in Northern California, ProStar has more than 20 years of industry experience helping customers reach their business goals.

For media inquiries contact:
Jamie Kelly
The Castle Group