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Eloise LeBel is the Marketing Manager for ProStar Software. In addition to leading the charge on ProStar’s marketing team, they also handle administrative duties as well as customer outreach.

Writing and connecting with an audience has always been an enthusiastic strength of Eloise’s. They provide the ProStar marketing department with the ability to utilize all available forms of media in order to best reach customers, suppliers, and industry peers alike. Explicating the ins and outs of our software is an exciting challenge that Eloise has fully taken to.

With Eloise’s varied background they bring a range of experience to this position. Additionally, they are Bruce’s younger daughter and have worked for ProStar on and off in many capacities since its inception. They have a BA in Creative Writing from Mills College, and in 2015 they received a Master’s in Cinema and Media Studies from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television with an aim of working in television development. After spending some time working in the entertainment industry, it became clear that their passion for media would be best put to other uses. Eloise spent a few years freelance writing for ProStar as well as various publications. They joined the team as Marketing Manager full-time in January 2019.

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