What are ProStar’s Intelligent Connectors?

ProStar's Intelligent Connectors enable automated data synchronization and coordination between business systems and between the individuals who are using those systems. With this, you get machine to machine communications, machine to individual communications, and individual to machine communications that can all be automated. ProStar's Intelligent Connectors combine an event processor, rules engine, and action manager that are active within the various platforms to which we are connected. This provides real time awareness of activity that is occurring in and between the platforms.

This awareness is in contrast to that of a standard connector, which can write to the connected platform or read from the connected platform but has no awareness or intelligence as to what is happening inside that platform in real time. Standard connector technology is functionally a read-write data pipe. Examples of this include Dell Boomi, Progress Data Direct, and Mulesoft.

Here's an example of Intelligent Connectors at work: An engineer changes the status of the part that he is designing from 'sandbox' to 'prototype'. Automatic, real-time awareness of the status change invokes a workflow that initiates a 'new part' procedure in another core business application.

What is Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI)?

MEI is an integration platform as a service (IPaaS) and workflow engine. MEI enables real-time integration across disparate platforms (such as Oracle, SQL Server, Salesforce.com, OpenEdge applications such as QAD, and more) with our combination of Intelligent Connectors. MEI also includes a full workflow engine. The MEI user interface can be used on any browser or mobile device. The underlying MEI technology includes a combination of event processors, rules engines, and action managers, which create real-time awareness of changes or entries in any of the connected platforms.

What is the main value MEI provides?

Mobile Enterprise Integration enables enforcement and automation for tracking and measurement of business processes. The MEI technology stack creates a whole new set of capabilities for businesses. Every business has policies and procedures, which are supposed to be remembered and executed correctly but are often not enforced within the business systems. By using MEI process analysis, transparency, and efficiency all increase.

Does MEI work with my business systems?

The MEI platform is currently supporting these business systems and their related applications:

  • Salesforce.com
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Sharepoint (Microsoft)
  • QAD
  • Progress/OpenEdge applications
  • .NET

ProStar can also provide customized integrations for your specific needs and additional systems. If you are looking for integration of a business system that isn’t listed here, Contact us.

My IT dept is already over-tasked, is TailorPro hard to use?

No. The tool, the utility libraries and the application are designed so that even non-developers can make basic changes, and are geared to people with only a general knowledge of Progress. The power lies in the code libraries that allow a developer to accomplish almost all of the standard tasks with little or no extra coding.

IT departments are legitimately concerned that new tools will introduce a new maintenance burden and new learning curves. We have installed TailorPro in a wide range of organizations, from those with no Progress developers to a large team of dedicated resources. The norm is a small group of developers who are already responsible for a million other tasks. We get it. Our goal is to help you leverage limited development resources for more overall than you were able to achieve before.