Why is CCI important for users of QAD Cloud?

QAD has a policy in the QAD Cloud environment (formerly known as QAD OnDemand) that no credit card information shall be stored on the QAD Cloud servers at any time, not even for a millisecond. Due to this requirement CCI is important to use, as it does the necessary integration of credit card payment processing with the card vault functionality provided by most authorization providers.

The process of the integration takes the original credit card data, encrypts it, and securely transmits it to the authorization providers' card vault, where it is securely stored. Then the card vault returns a token to CCI. CCI uses the token any time there is a need to communicate with the authorization provider about that customer's credit card. With CCI, you can meet the requirement for no storage of customer credit card data on the local QAD Cloud server, which is another reason why CCI is QAD's recommended solution for processing payment cards.

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