What are ProStar’s Intelligent Connectors?

ProStar's Intelligent Connectors enable automated data synchronization and coordination between business systems and between the individuals who are using those systems. With this, you get machine to machine communications, machine to individual communications, and individual to machine communications that can all be automated. ProStar's Intelligent Connectors combine an event processor, rules engine, and action manager that are active within the various platforms to which we are connected. This provides real time awareness of activity that is occurring in and between the platforms.

This awareness is in contrast to that of a standard connector, which can write to the connected platform or read from the connected platform but has no awareness or intelligence as to what is happening inside that platform in real time. Standard connector technology is functionally a read-write data pipe. Examples of this include Dell Boomi, Progress Data Direct, and Mulesoft.

Here's an example of Intelligent Connectors at work: An engineer changes the status of the part that he is designing from 'sandbox' to 'prototype'. Automatic, real-time awareness of the status change invokes a workflow that initiates a 'new part' procedure in another core business application.

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