What savings can be expected using CCI ?

Many dimensions of savings are provided by CCI, beginning with the efficiency of the credit card processing. With CCI the entry of the credit card information is integrated directly with the sales order entry process. The authorization happens in real time and all of the next steps are fully automated, leading to a savings of at least $25-$30 per credit card order.

For companies using manual processing of credit card data or use of an external terminal for the entry, the settlement, the invoicing, and the Accounts Receivable cash applications their processing may take as much as half an hour of time. If there are any errors or needs for exceptions, such as a re-authorization, then the whole process takes even longer.

Further savings come from reductions in fees by using Level 3 processing, which is available for most authorization providers and supported by CCI. Another savings comes from reduction in fees from errors and exceptions. For example, shipments against an expired authorization are precluded by CCI's automated updating of authorizations for any exception condition.

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