Business Process Management Consulting

Make the most of what we offer:

ProStar Software offers many consulting options with a great depth of Progress Software®, QAD®, and business systems integration expertise. We offer results-focused services that cost-effectively supplement your own organization.


If you run any combination of Oracle, SQL Server, . NET, Microsoft Sharepoint, Progress/OpenEdge applications, QAD,, and other business applications:

– Resource Solutions, for companies needing systems integration expertise -

In the modern, lean organization, any new project or business initiative can quickly put an IT organization beyond its capacity. Take advantage of our many Senior Consultants’ deep understanding of business systems integration and call on us to supplement your own staff when you need new complex functionality via TrackStarTailorPro®, Credit Card Integration, or full systems integration with Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI®).

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If you run QAD:

- Tailored Solutions, best for smaller organizations with a few time-critical needs-

TailorPro is offered with both a run-time license and a developers’ license. A company that purchases the run- time license can contract for Development Services, significantly reducing the need for training. Installation can be done remotely, and the SysAdmin/DBA can be trained via on-line meeting.

This option is ideal for a small organization that needs a handful of critical adaptations quickly. You can always purchase the developers’ license later and bring the development in-house. In the meantime, use Development Services from ProStar to supplement your own lean organization.

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"It has been very well received. Users can’t wait to incorporate more and more of such business rules and policies within the ERP application."

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