Implementation and Training

Getting started?

ProStar is committed to enabling customers to use our products to their full potential. Your staff can be up to speed and productive in a surprisingly short time with our implementation and training.


Mobile Enterprise Integration (MEI)

  • 6-8 hours sysadmin training during installation and configuration
  • 2 hours user training, either provided directly to users or as train-the-trainer
  • 2 hours project lead/subject matter expert training
  • Development services provided by ProStar technical support, all questions answered



During the implementation we provide at least three days of training, based on a standard curriculum and adapted to your staff’s needs. We implement the TailorPro tools in your training environment. Then we lead the class through lecture and exercises covering all the areas of functionality.

Our world-class trainers adapt our standard TailorPro training to your specific application implementation. Training is typically done on-site, using your own development systems, your own data and your own business requirements. The classroom exercises are based almost entirely on adaptations you want to implement.

At the end of the training, you will have solutions to your specific issues ready to test, as well as a strong foundation in the TailorPro tools. Your staff will be fully capable in TailorPro and self-reliant in developing the solutions your business requires.


Credit Card Integration (CCI)

  • 2-3 hours sysadmin training during installation and configuration
  • 3-4 hours user training
  • 1 hour project lead/subject matter expert training


"...helped us design what we needed to do to make it work for us."

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