QAD and Progress Upgrades

Are you still on an old QAD® version?

We offer an easy process for QAD upgrades.  Move to a standard, modern version of QAD and still have your unique requirements met, using TailorPro and our services team, all for lower cost than you expect.


Our combination of technology and expertise provides:

  • Your required enhancements in any QAD UI
  • A standard, unchanged, upgraded QAD database and source code
  • Full TailorPro Development Licenses
  • Coordinated upgrade and development services
  • Reduced project costs
  • Reduced project time
  • Improved end state
  • Permanent freedom from version lock


Up-to-date and adaptable

During an upgrade past customizations must be found, evaluated, and likely redeveloped. Don't repeat the cycle that trapped you on an aging version in the first place. Move your customizations to TailorPro adaptations and never have to redevelop them again.

Because TailorPro adaptations have no impact on standard QAD, future upgrades take on average 50% less time and resources. Reduce the risk and cost of this and future upgrades, and still be able to upgrade whenever you need to.

Contact us to find out more. Upgrading can be simpler, more cost-effective, and more powerful than you imagined.



"ProStar is committed to support and has worked with us any time there has been an issue."

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