ProStar Software Launches First-to-Market Mobile Application, TrackStar

Integrates Corporate Sales Processes with Business Systems Using One Common Mobile User Interface

 September 15, 2015 – Arcata, CA – Sales executives, sales teams and their customers are now able to use a first-to-market mobile and web application that integrates the sales process with enterprise business systems. TrackStar, launched today by ProStar Software (ProStar), an enterprise integration company and technology innovator, dramatically simplifies the traditional multi-system, multi-step cumbersome process for sales professionals. Instead of multiple systems logins and accounts, it manages work on one common user interface that is simple to use and can be accessed from both mobile devices and any browser, greatly enhancing productivity for sales teams. TrackStar seamlessly connects all users involved with the sales process and provides real-time visibility into and dynamic interaction with key business applications that are part of the sales cycle, including order processing, supply chain and inventory management.

TrackStar is specifically focused on integrating to industry-leading solutions offered by customer relationship management provider Salesforce, enabling increased functionality for their products. It links sales to supply chain, elevating sales performance and enhancing customer service and satisfaction from the time a price is quoted until the product is delivered. TrackStar is easily customizable to fit an organization’s current practices. For example, seasonal sales programs that are traditionally done manually, can now be defined, automatically calculated and displayed in TrackStar.

“We know customers favor suppliers that provide advanced solutions to meet their business needs and sales executives seek better tools to engage and support customers while differentiating themselves in a crowded market,” said Bruce LeBel, president and CEO of ProStar. “TrackStar is redefining how participants interact with business systems – it’s a paradigm shift focused on simplifying productivity.”

TrackStar enables sales teams to spend less time on repetitive data entry tasks and to focus more on customer relationships and closing deals. In addition to the universal time-saving benefit of all systems access on one familiar user interface, customers have the ability to more effectively interact with their suppliers’ enterprise business system for requesting sales quotes; placing sales orders; inquiring on open orders, shipments and invoices; and for making requests for information. Sales executives have visibility into the sales pipeline and integration with the other business systems to better manage opportunities and coordinate all participants in both normal and exception situations that require action.

TrackStar functionality includes mobile and web access with integration to Salesforce and other CRMs, ERP applications, accounting and HR applications, and engineering applications; business process management; intelligent connectors for real-time integration across platforms; and coordination of activities and data for supporting sales executives, their sales teams and their customers.

TrackStar meets the needs of sales executives and sales teams in multiple vertical markets, including food and beverage, manufacturing and other business-to-business organizations. The TrackStar product launch is taking place at Salesforce’s Dreamforce Conference 2015, a premier industry event for sales executives.

About ProStar Software
ProStar Software (ProStar) is an enterprise integration company providing a customizable suite of applications to tailor business systems, enabling customers to simplify existing processes and maximize their efficiencies. Building on proven expertise serving global multinationals and deep understanding of technology environments across organizations of all sizes, ProStar also offers affordable, cutting-edge solutions for small and mid-sized companies that are underserved by the large enterprise software providers. Located in Northern California, ProStar has more than 20 years of industry experience helping customers reach their business goals.

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A brief summary of Business Process Management (BPM)

What is Business Process Management?
by Bruce LeBel, CEO, ProStar Software, on 2012.12.17

Business Process Management, or BPM, begins with the definition of business processes. A business process encompasses a set of distinct tasks or activities performed by individuals in different roles. In the end, the business process achieves a defined business objective, which required each of the various participants’ completion of their steps. One simple example would be: Add a New Customer, requiring inputs from Customer Service, from Sales Management, from the Credit Manager, and from Accounts Receivable.

Every organization has essential business processes that require interdepartmental and interdisciplinary activities, often including individuals who use different computer applications, such as engineers, and sometimes including individuals outside of the organization, such as vendors.

BPM is an organizational paradigm, as well as a technology, that values the defined business processes of an organization as the model for operational success. With BPM, the business processes can be automatically coordinated, tracked, measured, analyzed and improved.

BPM draws guidance from other Total Quality Management or Continuous Improvement Process methodologies. BPM goes further by providing technology to enable the automated systems. In fact, BPM generates a new category of data, business event data, that supports both the operational tools for control of active processes, as well as the analysis of completed processes for visibility of opportunities for continuous improvement.

Contact ProStar Software for more information on ProStar’s cloud or server based BPM applications, WorkFlowGPS for companies running applications on any platform, and Business Process Control for companies running Progress OpenEdge applications.