Your IT System Should Be A Castle

Build a better fit between your business systems and your business needs.

Let’s imagine our core commercial business application as a fort, a robust but blocky structure designed to provide generic benefits to many different types of businesses.   Now think of the ways that your business is anything but generic, and is, in fact, unique.  The attributes of your business are comparable to the complex architectural elements of a castle: Towers, turrets, crenelations, keeps and grand halls combine to create a complex structure with functions that support the unique needs of both the residents and the broader community.  How do you make the blocky fort of the core business system into the architecturally diverse castle that includes your business’s unique attributes?

A guiding principle for CIOs, and for the executive team and organization that they serve, is that the IT system needs to support the business’s requirements in every way possible. The most effective systems accurately manifest the business itself.  Optimal systems look, behave and evolve as a comprehensive virtual representation of the dynamic business, and are progressively easier to use.  

Business requirements that may not be met by the current business system include both must-have functionalities and high ROI functions with strategic advantages or operational benefits that avoid the eroding of profits through unnecessary inefficiencies.  In today’s business environment, even customers and suppliers have the expectation of access to relevant information and secure interaction.

TailorPro from ProStar Software can remodel the architecture of your business applications environment, e.g. QAD (™) and your other systems, from a generic fort to your business castle, without customizing source code or schema of those applications. TailorPro does this by:

  • Integrating new logic, data and functionality into the natural flow of those applications
  • Adapting behaviors, rules, and user experience
  • Establishing intelligent connections between other platforms and applications that your business uses
  • Automatically coordinating all participants in key processes
  • Automatically enforcing business policies
  • Enabling interaction with systems from any mobile device or browser

What essential functionality does your business not currently get from your business system?  Would the business executives and owners prefer that you integrate those high-value capabilities to meet unique business needs into your established IT system, with no customization and with rapid ROI?   Yes!

Because the IT system with its disparate applications, platforms, and networking is effectively a virtual representation of the business, there is measurable improvement in business metrics each time the CIO’s team makes the IT system look and behave more like the business itself.  Today, with no customization to source code or schema, you can add the enhanced architectural elements of your unique business “castle” to the generic structure of the commercial business applications “fort”.  Enable your business system to function the way the business functions; not only for simplicity and ease of use but to have all the current (and future!) functionality that is needed for your business operations and by your teams, your customers and your suppliers.  Your IT system should be, and can be, a castle, including all of your business’s bona fide requirements integrated with the fort-like core business application.

Envision the ways your IT system’s virtual representation of your business can be made more comprehensive and accurate,  Start planning your remodeling from the generic fort to your beautiful business castle by contacting ProStar Software at This first step can lead to lasting positive effects for your organization, from operational benefits to strategic advantages, and there is no charge for the initial consultation. Our TailorPro architects are ready to help you begin your needs assessment and solutions design today!

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