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Simplifying business by integrating enterprise applications

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QAD & Progress Modernization

We enable your enterprise business systems to integrate the new and changing functionality your business requires.

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Sales Integration

We connect your corporate sales process to your business systems.

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Success Stories

“The solution was simple and elegant. Our ROI was less than 1 month.” - Argon Medical

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Quickly customize your QAD and Progress applications.

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TrackStar Sales

It’s online, it's mobile, it's real time and it links sales to supply chain.

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Credit Card Integration

Secure & PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing for Progress-based systems.

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Mobile Enterprise Integration

Integrate your business systems to any mobile device or browser.

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"It has been very well received. Users can’t wait to incorporate more and more of such business rules and policies within the ERP application."

Vention Medical