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ProStar's solutions act like a conductor to coordinate your company’s flow of information and work so the people who need to act can do so - at the right time, and from wherever they are.

Your company works hard to automate your business processes, often by implementing multiple software solutions. Sometimes those systems require a change in your business processes. Sometimes even multiple systems are required and trying to keep them in sync becomes a process in itself. ProStar solves these problems by allowing you to tailor your systems to your business processes. Not the other way around.

Our process and tools ensure that each customer sees the maximum ROI on our products as quickly as possible. We work efficiently and continuously to make sure that you meet your goals for expert systems integration.


Teamwork and partnerships

About- main pageThe team at ProStar Software has great depth of expertise in global business operations and application technology. Our products are distributed globally through our network of value-added resellers (VARs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Are you interested in becoming a reseller or OEM?

We also have application partnerships with QAD®, Progress®, and VisionR4. Learn more here.


Our systems integration history

ProStar Software started as the proud developer of TailorPro, an integration layer that allows for changes to the globally used QAD applications without changes to QAD source code. This first product line was brought to the global manufacturing market in 2001. And it is still going strong, with continual updates! TailorPro meets 100% of our customers' requirements for enhancements, adaptations, and functionality with no change to their QAD source code or schema.

Since then, we've expanded into the Progress Software market with additional types of systems integrations. Primarily financial application Credit Card Integration and an ERP integration platform that includes workflow and connects multiple business systems, Mobile Enterprise Integration. We are very excited to be growing further! Recent developments include providing mobile sales and supply management with TrackStar Sales.




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